Healing of the Heart Leads to Romance

Deb’s Dozen: Ruby Works to Repay Father’s Debts—Sheriff
Truett is Suspicious—Enter Romance.

Loree Lough has written another lovely romance. How she manages to come up with new and different characters and situations continually amazes me. Healing of the Heart is a delightful story of regret, reparations, and romance.

Ruby McCoy and her mother are new to Fairplay and immediately move into the newly renovated, biggest mansion in town. No one knows anything about them except their advance man has arranged for all the work and furnishings they require. Ruby knows she’s there to repay the debts her outlaw father incurred and to right the wrongs he did when he and his gang ravaged the town. Her mother, who fancies herself a society lady, still does not understand what drives Ruby to these actions. They both are relieved Fairplay is the last town they’ll have to visit/live in to fulfill their mission.

Sheriff Rex Truett is suspicious of the new folks in town. Since there is little information about the ladies, he is insatiably curious as to their background and reasons for moving to Fairplay. He is puzzled by Ruby. Why does a woman who can afford the biggest mansion in town do much of the work around the house? How does a society lady know how to get stains out of clothing for example, much less how to stack wood?

These two characters are fairly believable, but the most delightful character is Ruby’s mother, Cordelia. She’s so prim and proper, yet amusingly droll. To keep her in line, Ruby pays her an allowance so she can buy ribbons and hats and other fripperies. You can guess the ending at the beginning, but how things come about is an interesting read—not your usual romance. The book itself is attractive, with a glossy cover and lovely cream paper. I’d give Healing of the Heart 4 stars.

Healing of the HeartLoree Lough is an ultra-prolific writer with “nearly five million 4-and 5-star books in circulation.” Healing of the Heart is the third in the Secrets on Sterling Street series. Loree lives in Baltimore and enjoys her “grandorables” along with the rest of her family, She is as personable as her characters or more so, and she loves interacting with her fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. She also answers every email sent to Loree@LoreeLough.com personally.

Loree and Whitaker House gave me a copy of Healing of the Heart, but I was in no way obligated to write a review. If you click on the link and purchase this book, I receive a small fee.

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