Mysterious Deaths, Murder, Romance–Whodunit?

Deb’s Dozen: Mysterious Deaths, A Handsome Detective, the Miami Mafia: A Prescription for Romance?

Trish Bailey is at her limit. She’s overloaded at work, her mom is ill, she’s heartsick over a romance gone bad. Then her mom dies abruptly and under mysterious circumstances. When the tox screen shows an abundance of her heart medication, she comes under police scrutiny and suspicion.

Matt Parker, her mom’s accountant for their foundation, was with Trish when they found her mother dead. He’s been trying to romance Trish, who isn’t much interested. He attempts to console her, but at the same time tells the detectives that Trish has been forgetful lately. Hmm …

Detective Colin Flynn is instantly attracted to Trish–a terrible thing when she’s the prime suspect in her mom’s death. And besides, he’s not interested in a romance. But something doesn’t seem right. His gut tells him she’s not responsible, but who is?

So starts Irene Hannon’s Dangerous Illusions, the first book in her new Code of Honor series. And she’s done it again–a wonderful whodunit! I immediately bonded with Trish, didn’t like Matt, and was in full sympathy with Colin Flynn. Irene has the ability to make you care about her characters and want to be friends with them. Trish is the kind of person I’d like to have over for coffee or a girls’ night out! I love her books and so will you. Click the picture and purchase! Four stars!

Dangerous IllusionsIrene Hannon has written several award-winning series: Heroes of Quantico, Guardians of Justice, Private Justice, and Men of Valor. She also has a wonderful cozy romance series about Hope Harbor. Irene is one of those authors whose books I will always read. They never fail to entertain, enlighten, and enthrall me.

Revell Books gave me a copy of Dangerous Illusions, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.

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