Superb Biblical Fiction—Bread of Angels

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Deb’s Dozen: Lydia, maker of purple, friend, benefactor-first convert to Christianity in Philippi.

Tessa Afshar writes such beautiful, believable biblical fiction. Bread of Angels, the story of Lydia, the first convert in Asia, is such a story. But Tessa begins far before that event takes place. She weaves Lydia’s story from when she was a girl in Thyatira, telling of the circumstances of her upbringing and the reason she set sail for Philippi. Tessa gives Lydia a friend, Rebekah, who stays with her after Lydia takes care of her when she is homeless and hungry.

Lydia struggles as a woman alone, attempting to run a business in a culture where women are nothing unless married or under the protection of a man. But she perseveres with Rebekah’s help along with that of Rebekah’s God. Rebekah has taught her that in her time of greatest need, God will provide bread of angels to sustain her-not physical food, but situational or spiritual aid to surmount the difficulties.

You will so enjoy getting to know Lydia as told through the eyes and pen of a talented storyteller. Biblical characters like Epaphroditus and Syntyche and Paul and Silas and Dr. Luke come alive on the pages of Bread of Angels. Five stars!

biblical fictionTessa Afshar is a newly married, award-winning author of several volumes of historical biblical fiction. She was voted “New Author of the Year” by the Readers’ Choice Awards for Pearl in the Sand. She has an MDiv from Yale and has spent the last seventeen years in full time Christian work in New England. And she’s a truly wonderful person and a delight to know.

Tyndale Publishing gave me an Advance Reader Copy of Bread of Angels, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.

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