Wedding Planning Gone Awry

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Deb’s Dozen: Frustrated bride-to-be must complete all wedding arrangements without her groom-to-be’s promised help.

I love a good love story. On Love’s Gentle Shore, part of the Prince Edward Island Dreams series, gave me a warm, cozy feeling as I read each page. I felt the bride’s frustrations as her fiancé left her on her own to make all their wedding arrangements. How would their romance progress if he absented himself? Natalie O’Ryan had left Prince Edward Island with no intentions of ever returning. Then her fiancé booked their wedding at the Red Door Inn in her hometown. The product of a dysfunctional family, Natalie felt everyone on the island, with rare exceptions, looks down on her. And now, arranging all the details for her wedding falls to her when her fiancé returns to Nashville to handle some business problems.

Justin Kane, her best friend from childhood, still lives there. He had never forgotten his feelings for Natalie and had never understood why she abandoned him with no word of why she left. Now he runs a successful dairy farm and makes the best of the life that differs greatly from what he had planned. Romance does not enter his mind.

Natalie had remade herself into a new person while in Nashville. But the island people remind her of her upbringing. She manages to stay basically in hiding until the venue for her wedding reception falls through. One of the island residents spitefully holds a grudge against her. Now Natalie must search for a new place to hold her reception. The only place large enough for the affair happens to be an abandoned building on the Kane farm.

Cozy RomanceLiz Johnson, a new-to-me author, creates wonderful characters put in impossible situations. I loved watching the interaction between Justin and Natalie. I also loved the insights into their romance Liz lays out for us as the story progresses toward the wedding. You will love the book too. Four stars!

Liz Johnson works as a director in marketing when she not writing. The author of more than a dozen novels, she plots them out with care. She also plots out her next trip to Prince Edward Island. Liz lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Revell, a division of the Baker Publishing Group, gave me a copy of On Love’s Gentle Shore, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.

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