Romance and Rebels–Three Generations

Deb’s Dozen: Three generations of Irish rebels—one castle—many memories to build upon.

Castle on the Rise is the second book in the Lost Castle novels. I loved the first book, The Lost Castle. This book was confusing to me. The book switches among 1797, 1915, and present-day Ireland. I found myself getting the characters and their time periods mixed up. However, I did find them all engaging. All three time periods present engaging stories of romance.

In present day Ireland, Laine travels to the country to attend her best friend’s wedding. She never dreamed the legacy of the land and the castle would reel her in. Will Cormac be her romance? Will they discover the mystery of the Castle on the Rise?

In 1915, Issy (Isolde) gets drawn into the “troubles” and risks her life to document the truth of the rebellion and continues the legacy. Sean tries to keep her safe and acknowledges he loves and wants to romance her.

Back in 1797, Maeve Ashford, the doyenne of the castle, rescues and eventually marries an Irish rebel to begin the legacy. Eoin gives his freedom to keep his romance and his wife safe.

Three women, three different time periods, all with crises and chaos ensuing from the desire of the Irish to be free. Laine draws all the pieces together … and perhaps finds love herself.

The book, although confusing because of the time splits among the three periods, drew me in and made me want to know what happened to the characters. Cambron leaves the romance between Laine and Cormac hanging, leading me to believe a third novel is on the horizon.

Kristy Cambron, a multi-published author, fancies herself a “vintage-inspired” storyteller. Nominated for many awards, her novels The Butterfly and the Violin and A Sparrow in Terezin command the most attention. She and her husband live in Indiana with their football-loving sons.

Thomas Nelson gave me a copy of Castle on the Rise, but I did not obligate me to write a review.

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