Suspense/Thriller–Power, Greed, and Ambition

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suspense/thrillerDeb’s Dozen: Ambitious Man, Supportive Trophy Wife, Scorned Mistress, and Secrets Lead to Murder

Another suspense/thriller from Irene Hannon,Dark Ambitions draws us into a world of blind ambition, unwavering loyalty, dark jealousy, and budding romance. Phoenix Inc, the PI firm featured in the last few novels in the Code of Honor series, takes front and center again. They’ve acquired a new employee, Heather Shields. Heather fits right in with her background as a cop and a detective.

About the Book

Christmas holidays and one of the principal’s vacation deplete their resources, so Heather draws the newest client, Rick Jordan. Rick found blood on the ice outside his home and senses someone intruded. He intuits the intruder might be a friend from the 160th Night Stalker Regiment, Jackson (Boomer) Dunn. The police don’t think the blood warrants a full-blown investigation, so he contracts with Phoenix Inc, and therefore, Heather.

Enter Brad Weston, successful businessman contemplating a run for governor of Missouri. His trophy wife, Lindsey, covets the position of first lady. But Brad hides two secrets–one from when he served in the military, and one who keeps popping up, his ex-mistress, Ellen Chambers. The suspense heightens when Brad tells Ellen running for governor dominates his future. She and his secret must both stay hidden.

And so the characters all people the stage, and the suspense/thriller begins. Solving the mystery before the story ends seems unlikely, but the journey stimulates our imaginations. You will love this novel–and the new member of Phoenix Inc. Five stars–buy Dark Ambitions now.

About Irene

Murder, Hidden PerilOne of my fave authors, Irene Hannon exemplifies the successful writer. After a successful career as a corporate communication manager, she left the fluorescent lights and cubbies to write. Winner of three RITA awards from Romance Writers of America and a member of their hall of fame, Irene also claims over fifty contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels to her credit. All of her suspense novels have been ECPA/CBA bestsellers. She and her husband live in Missouri and enjoy traveling, coffee shops, and each other. Find out more about Irene at

Revell, a division of Baker Books, gave me a complimentary copy of Dark Ambitions but in no way required me to write a review.

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