Crossing Values by Carrie Daws

Crossing ValuesI loved Crossing Values! Just enough intrigue to draw me in and enough substance to keep me – a little romance doesn’t hurt either! You’ll love the story of Amber and the scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

Amber was lost, running from a family she’d forsaken, and almost broke when she stumbled into a small town in the Northwest. Taken in and befriended by a logging family, she was afraid to trust them or her own feelings. She couldn’t comprehend why they were so kind and loving to her – she’d not known that kind of care before. Haunted by her past, she searches out the meaning to the present aided by the family’s oldest son, Peter.

You’ll love the story and the carefully drawn and very real characters. Come journey with Amber as she finds her pathway and comes home.

Hidden in Dreams by Davis Bunn

Hidden in DreamsHidden in Dreams is pure Davis Bunn! A really likable character with an interesting dilemma, some really disreputable villains, and the knight in white armor to save the day.

Dr. Elena Burroughs has written a book on dream interpretation that is being attacked by other experts including one who demolished her during a debate. Her sister, Rachel, comes to her for help – a rare if ever occurrence, telling her of subjects in a clinical trial that are all having the same dream – she is skeptical at the least – patients who all have the same dream? And then she begins to have that dream – and the consequences could spell the end of economies around the globe. Elena, Rachel, her nemesis, Dr. Jacob Rawlings, and her boss, Reed Thompson begin a journey through doubt, danger, and double-cross. I couldn’t put it down!

Davis takes current conditions and puts a conspiracy spin on them while enthralling and entangling us in his web of words. Hidden in Dreams is 4.5 stars out of five in my book and a must read if you like a fantastic mystery with lots of twists and turns and hairpin curves.

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