History and Romance Embue Split Time Novel

Deb’s Dozen: Old diaries lead to discoveries, love, history and romance.

Sloane Kelley, abandoned at birth, desperately wants to belong and to be loved. When an unwanted contribution to her museum reveals a nineteenth century diary, she embarks on a journey that leads to history and romance. The diaries intrigue her and cause her to step outside her comfort zone and become involved in the lives of Garrett and Lauren Anderson.

Garrett Anderson, well-organized and pragmatic, just wants to get his aging grandmother out of her house and into a home where she will be cared for. His sister, Lauren, on the other hand, wants to keep her grandmother in the beautiful but rundown ancient house. History and romance interest one but not the other. When Garrett brings in real estate agent Kimberly Walsh, the tension between them heats up–will she destroy their close relationship?

The diary brings the three together as they search for more journals written by Annabelle those many years before. Twists and turns, starts and stops hinder and help their discoveries of history and romance. All three learn to know themselves better and to treasure the memories of the past. Will Sloane find her history and her mother? Will Garrett realize life encompasses more than logic? Will Lauren realize her grandmother needs more care than she can give? I had a great time finding out. Four stars.

About the Author

history and romanceAmanda Wen lives in Wichita, Kansas, with her husband and three children. Roots of Wood and Stone is her debut novel and the first in the Sedgwick County Chronicles, which promise more history and romance.

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Murder? Or Mysterious Natural Death?

Deb’s Dozen: Was it murder? Kirby and Riley Gordan become sleuths to find out.

I have followed Danny and Wanda Pelfrey since they published their debut novel. Seeing their progress as authors has been rewarding. Solid Ground, the first novel in the Adairsville Heritage series, introduces two winsome characters. I certainly hope more books are to come soon as I didn’t want to part with this cast of somewhat quirky people, who unite to solve a mysterious death or was it murder?

Kirby and Riley Gordan, brother and sister respectively, come to Adairsville to settle their uncle’s estate. The situation turns mysterious, and they wonder if perhaps his death didn’t occur naturally. Kirby, an ex-baseball player turned cop, and Riley, his sister bound for law school, soon find themselves enmeshed in attempting to discover the reason for their uncle’s death and if someone committed murder. Along the way, the Pelfreys introduce us to more delightful characters who aid them in their quest.

The Pelfreys perfected their use of dialog through their first series and use it masterfully in Solid Ground. They’ve also learned to write realistic characters you wish were real. I loved Kirby and Riley, except I kept going back to figure out who was the brother and who the sister—their names confused me. But that’s me, forgetful at best. They both enjoy the ability to sleuth and see oddities in normal circumstance. They also show compassion and understanding for people in downtrodden circumstance.

You’ll love curling up with Solid Ground and meeting Kirby and Riley. I bet you don’t figure out the ending before you’re there. I also bet you love Adairsville and the denizens they’ve created who live there. Four stars!

About the Authors

Danny and Wanda live in Adairsville, Georgia, the scene of their two series. They write in various genres, but say they like most creating “mysteries with a message.” They also love spending time with their five grandchildren.

The Pelfreys gave me a copy of Solid Ground, but did not in any way require me to write a review.

Lonely? Solutions to Loneliness Found!

Deb’s Dozen: Loneliness is common to all of us. Jack gives us coping mechanisms.

Jack Eason, in his debut book, The Loneliness Solution: Finding Meaningful Connection in a Disconnected World, wrote about a state of mind common to all of us. But rather than merely talk about the emotion and its toll on our lives, Jack gives us rationale and solutions.

I have felt lonely and out of the loop most of my life. I always preferred to be by myself reading rather than socializing with others. And yet, I am energized when I am with people, and I enjoy the interactions. Shy by nature when growing up, I learned to operate out of my comfort zone by considering other people might feel the same way. I discovered this in college, standing in my normal wallflower position at a dance. Noticing another girl in the same position, I got up the courage to go over to talk with her. By reaching out to her, I both conquered my loneliness and made a new friend.

Jack wrote the book in two sections: “The Problem of Loneliness” and “The Loneliness Solution.” He employed a very logical methodology to look at the situation. I discovered I feel normal feelings—-and being “normal” is reassuring. Jack talks about not fitting in and that we shouldn’t try to. Rather, we should strive for belonging. Finding a place to be or people to be with where we can be ourselves without trying to be someone we’re not. He covers the topics of isolation and breaking its pull along with other coping mechanisms we should employ. Jack gives us techniques to try that are not as challenging as face to face interactions.

Solutions exist in both parts of his book. But Part Two lends itself more as instruction to those who are willing to step out-—to find community and to realize empowerment and completeness exist more when we are with others. Prayer, stewardship, worship—all more powerful in the company of others.

For me, The Loneliness Solution reassured me. I validated my feelings, and I could see the steps I took are good ones. Get the book, read it, and take notes. If you’re not the person in the book, someone close to you is and you’ll be able to help them break the cycle. Five stars!

About the Author

Jack serves as the executive director of Crossover Cups Mission, a ministry that encourages, equips, and enriches the lives of people. They are presently working with Third World countries. He also consults on fundraising with different nonprofit organizations. He is married to Lynette, an award-winning author of some note, they have two children and live in South Carolina.

Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, gave me a copy of The Loneliness Solution: Finding Meaningful Connection in a Disconnected World, but did not require me in any way to write a review.