Where God Finds You – Have You Been Lost, or Felt Hopeless?

WGFYWhere God finds You by Anita Higman is a good illustration of using historical examples when you’re in a desperate need for hope. Anita had met with an editor from Standard Publishing who came up with the idea of fusing a devotional with a work of fiction. Anita says she’s not a Biblical scholar, but she is a perfectionist. She said no – he said pray about it – God said she should write the book.

Anita did extensive research on culture, scripture, history — she wanted to bless people, but she also wanted to be accurate. She told me she relied heavily on the Holy Spirit. She listened to the Bible all day – doing her makeup, running errands, cooking, relaxing. She even bought a bottle of myrrh to inspire her and spur her on.

The book consists of 40 devotions, each about a different Biblical character. You can use the book as a whole, or jump around as need and the spirit moves you. My favorite was the story of Martha – so many times I find myself so “busy” with life that the most important part of life gets shunted aside by the busy-ness. “But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made.” Luke 10:40.

The back cover copy puts it perfectly:
“Have you ever longed to crawl into the pages of the Bible? To walk on the Judean hills or feel the spray of the Red Sea? To know what it’s like to confront a king or pour perfume on a Savior’s feet?
In forty devotional tales, Where God Finds You breathes new life into ancient Bible characters. Through reflection on Scripture and prayer, you’ll discover a place in each of these lives of vulnerability, tenderness, truth, and love — a place where you can find God — and where God finds you.

You’ll want to add this book to your collection — and refer to it over and over. You’ll also want to check out Anita’s other books — she’s an extremely talented writer — you can read reviews of a couple of others her on my blog.

I was given a copy of this book by Standard Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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