SuperGal vs. GOD – a modern day fairy tale come true.

SupergalvsGod_“I can bring home the bacon; fry it up in a pan…” starts a popular song of a few years ago. Many of us were raised to think we had to become this type of woman – one who could work at a career, manage her home, raise her kids, and satisfy her husband – if we were to be thought successful. Many of us opted out of the race for the glass ceiling and board room positions to instead, be the kind of wives and mothers who honored God first, family second, and career (if any) third. Unfortunately both systems left us out of the picture and many cried in despair, “What about me?”

SuperGal vs. GOD is a well-written story about that kind of woman. SuperGal could do anything and everything – run a huge charity event, run for and be elected to office, learn that she could sing and become proficient at it in her 40s. Predictably, her family was left in the dust. And besides, she never felt she could measure up to her husband’s expectations or survive his expanding disapproval. What was absent in this race was God.

SuperGal felt the emptiness inside and went church-shopping. After trying many, she finally ended up as one of the few whites in a black gospel church. She sang in the choir, got baptized, and joined it – it was a place of welcome and solace for her.

The marriage ended. SuperGal never intended to become involved with a man again – she was quite self-sufficient, thank you! But God had other plans for her. . .as God often does for all of us.

This is a true story delightfully told as if it were fiction. You’ll cheer and weep, smile and grimace at her antics. I guarantee you won’t put it down once you’ve begun to read it. As I interviewed the author, Lori Hynson, I was amazed when she told me the book actually happened just as she wrote it – the only fiction was the God and Satan pieces. She was married and pregnant as a teen – and stayed married for 31 years despite her passive-aggressive husband. She finally left to find herself amid the tatters of her memories.

God is good – she was 51 when she met Ben. She tells me she tried hard to make changes and is a recovering “SuperGal.” Last November she closed her account rep business of representing businesses that provided services to attorneys. Ben will retire the end of this year. They still attend that little church (moved after a flood) and are happy.

For those SuperGals who are desiring more, for those who thought they wanted to BE SuperGals, for those who just want a good read about God’s goodness and faithfulness – this book is for you.

I was given a copy of this book by Broken Shoe Press for my honest review.

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