Living the Story: Reaching Outside the Church Walls by Cheri Cowell

I had the privilege of reading Cheri’s book as it was being written – and LOVED the concept. Cheri has a heart for those who are looking for a spiritual center but are turned off or turned away by today’s churches, even so-called “seeker” churches. In Living the Story, Cheri tells us the story of eight of those “lost souls” who are reached in totally different ways by people who in their lives are living Jesus daily. Living the Story demonstrates a unique concept to evangelism that is not, unfortunately, the norm today.

My husband loved the last chapter where Cheri tied it all together – he suggested reading a couple of chapters, then the last, then going back to pick up the rest of the characters and methodology. However you read it, you will be challenged in your assumptions of how to reach someone for Christ. I highly recommend it.

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