Special Offer on Thrillers!

I love James Scott Bell, so I was thrilled to get this email from him today – he’d been promising something special was coming and this certainly is special! You’ll want to “get it while it’s hot!”

Okay, as promised, here is the news about a very special deal…THRILL RIDE, a set of eight, count ’em, eight full length thrillers for only 99 cents….that’s what I said…under a buck, for

Murder, conspiracy, corruption, kidnapping, demons, fugitives and a world poised on Armageddon… Grab a seat and hold on tight! Because this 8-book thrill ride by some of the most popular names writing thrillers today doesn’t let up till the very last page!

600 reviews with a solid 4.4 star average over the 8 individual novels. A nearly $30 value, available in this very special bundle for a limited time only. These are the titles:

Blind Justice by James Scott Bell
Sidetracked by Brandilyn Collins
Double Vision by Randy Ingermanson
The Blade by Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore
The Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison The Killing Rain by P.J. Parrish Desecration by J. F. Penn The Call by Kat Covelle

I realize many of you may already own Blind Justice, but even if that’s so, you’re getting SEVEN other books for one ridiculously low price.

As I mentioned in my last letter, I’m not into the hard sell. But I want to make an exception in this case. I want to ask you to do me the favor of downloading this collection to your e-reader of choice, and do it today if you possibly can.

Here’s why: we authors want to test the power of our readers. This would be a tremendous demonstration of the new reality in the book
world: you, the readers, as the movers and shakers of the marketplace.

I’m told there are some big-name titles being released about now.
Would it not be cool to see Thrill Ride ride past them…because of you?

So would you consider investing 99 cents on this? And help to spread the word to your own circle about this grand bargain?

I will let you know the results in my next letter to you, and you will have my deep gratitude! Here are the links:






Thank you all for your support. I greatly appreciate it!


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