Feels Like Heaven – Vanessa Miller

Solomon Harris, a prominent Los Angeles attorney, has just won an important case. On the way back to his office, he learns that the man he defended was guilty, not innocent – even though Soloman believed in his innocence. He is feeling depressed at his gullibility – he had prayed at the beginning of his career that God would give him the wisdom to determine innocence or guilt so he would never defend a guilty man. While at this low point in his life, his mother tells him that the father he has never known wants to see him – that he is dying.

Soloman jets off to North Carolina to placate his mother – not because of his father. He meets his dad, David Davison, a prominent pastor; Alma, his father’s wife; and his half-siblings: Adam, Tamara, and Leah along with Dr. Larissa Wilkinson, their cousin, whom the Davisons had adopted and raised as their own. Thus begins a tale of infidelity and betrayal and greed – but most of all, a tale of love and forgiveness and redemption. You’ll enjoy reading this story, although I was a bit surprised at how quickly the love element developed. The characters, however, are very believable and very like people we all know in our own lives.

During the International Christian Retail Show this past June, I had the opportunity to interview Vanessa Miller, a quite delightful woman. She had recently moved to North Carolina from Ohio, and proudly told me she had a 28-year-old daughter and two grandkids, a girl 6-years-old and a boy who is 5.

Feels Like Heaven is the first book in her new series, My Soul to Keep. She related that is a modern day telling of the story of King David and how secrets can negatively impact more than one life in a family. She says the book is about redemption and forgiveness and facing the secrets of your past. The next book in the series will be Heaven on Earth.

Vanessa says she has always wanted to write and has written screenplays as well as novels. She has written four previous series: Morrison Family Secrets, Second Chance at Love, Forsaken, and Rain. She is the recipient of several awards, including the Best Christian Fiction Mahogany Award in 2003 and the Red Rose Award for Excellence in Christian fiction in 2004. She graduated from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, with a degree in organizational communication.

A devout Christian, Vanessa believes that God has called her to write redemption stories that glorify God and help readers rediscover their places with the Lord.

I received a copy of Feels Like Heaven from Whittaker House for my unbiased review.

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