Murder at the Mikado – a classic British yarn of murder, mystery, and malevolence.

Murder at the Mikado is the third book in Julianna Deering’s Drew Farthering mystery series. Drew and his fiancée, Madeline Parker, are again enveloped in a murder mystery that requires their skills to solve. This mystery however is one that Madeline would not like Drew to investigate as the instigator of the case is Fleur Landis, the scarlet woman from Drew’s past.

Fleur is now married to the business manager for Drew’s estate and is the mother of four-year-old Peter. No longer an actress, but still involved in an ex-lover’s theater group, Fleur is the prime suspect when the lead actor in the production of the Mikado is murdered. How Drew, Madeline, and their assistant, Nick, solve the murder…soon to be murders…is the stuff of which all great mysteries are composed. Besides the murders, Drew and Madeline must work through the emotions of defending Drew’s ex-love.

This novel is set in Britain and the accents and word usages add to the charm of the characters. Quotes from the Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan are sprinkled throughout the book and also add to the charm.

You’ll find yourself hard-pressed to solve the case before Drew and Madeline – Deering has enough twists and turns to keep even the most assiduous mystery reader guessing. I loved the book and will have to go back and read the first two in the series, Rules of Murder, and Death by the Book.

Julianna Deering is the pen name of multi-published novelist DeAnna Julie Dodson. As related in her bio printed in the book, “DeAnna has always been an avid reader and a lover of storytelling, whether on the page, the screen, or the stage. This, together with her keen interest in history and her Christian faith, shows in her talks of love, forgiveness, and triumph over adversity.” She lives in Texas north of Dallas along with “three spoiled cats.” In addition to writing, she quilts, cross-stitches, and watches NHL hockey. You can learn more about her at

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