Diamond Rings are Deadly Things – and Wedding Dresses can be Poison! by Rachelle J. Christensen

I’ve always thought that planning weddings would be a fun occupation – but I’ve also heard about various bridezillas that can populate the wedding scene. Adrienne Pyper is a wedding planner – she knows her way around dresses and cakes and invitations and favors. Until her best friend was murdered right before her wedding, she thought life was wonderful. Shattered by Briette’s death, she pulled up stakes and moved to Sun Valley, Idaho – a beautiful resort community that attracts all sorts of beautiful people. With the aid of her friend and co-worker, Lorea, Adrienne has managed to land two huge weddings – one for a popular movie star and his bride-to-be, Natalie, and one for the bridezilla to end all bridezillas.

Life is good. Adrienne’s business is going well; she’s loving her new home, and she even has a prospective beau or two – Dallas, a waiter from a fancy restaurant, asked for her phone number. He’s cute, somewhat shy, and very intent on dating her. The other possibility, at least in her mind, is the hunk she keeps running into while running. Said hunk keeps turning up – but, no! He’s the new divorce lawyer in town and does not believe in weddings.

Their first shipment of wedding dresses comes in from China – including the dress for Natalie and the one for Bridezilla. After the two fittings, Adrienne and Lorea are fit to be tied – Natalie’s a dream and they love working with her. Bridezilla, aka Sylvia, is the opposite – a real nightmare. Then some dresses are stolen – including Sylvia’s. Life just got very bad. On the plus side, there is Dallas – and the hunk, Luke. You’ll love the mysteries in this book – yes, there are more than one. Christensen keeps us guessing at the outcomes all the way to the end of the book. A great read – very entertaining and well-written.

BTW – after reading Diamond Rings, I no longer want to be a wedding planner – I’ll stick to blogging.

I was given a copy of Diamond Rings are Deadly Things by Shadow Mountain for my unbiased review.

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