In His Presence

This weekend, I have the privilege of attending the New England Writers’ Conference up in the mountains of northern New Hampshire. As I drove from our home in Plymouth, through Massachusetts, and up to the mountains, I was continually struck by the beauty of nature. I marveled at the multiplicity of colors and how they coordinated with each other. I was amazed at the vistas of the valleys I passed. I could not help but give thanks and sing praises to the One who created all of this for us to enjoy!

This morning I was reminded of the honor that those of us who write have to convey His words and His wisdom to others as we write. We have an incredible responsibility to write what is true and beautiful and what will edify the minds and lives of our readers. We write, if we are honest, not because we want to do so. The hours are long – an author is never not writing – every event we encounter during the days and weeks is either research or fodder for our next piece. Writing is a lonely work – most of us labor at our keyboards without much company until we choose to reenter “the world.” Most of us labor knowing that what we write will not bring us monetary success or fame. We write because He has laid the task on our hearts – and we know that His words never return to Him void. He speaks through our words to those that need to hear – even if that is only one person – or even just ourselves.

We’re not perfect, most of us are far from perfection. Most of us have problems, have flaws, have unloveable characteristics – just like you do. We write so that you know that you are not alone – that there are others in this world who have the same trials, problems, and unloveable people in their lives that you do. We want you to know that you are loved – by us and by Jesus. None of us are too bad, or ugly, or lost to not be loved by Him.

I publish this blog so that you may find resources to help you “Walk With Jesus Through Words.” I read Christian works and interview Christian authors so that you may find words and people who speak to you where you are. These books and authors have graced and blessed my life – and I’m privileged to share them with you. My hope is that you will read my words and theirs and will be graced and blessed, too. In this, as in all things, I give Him the glory and praise. May God gift you with His presence today and always as you walk through this beautiful world He has given us in which to live.


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