Love Without End is the Beginning of Love…

Deb’s Dozen: 12-Word Summaries – A cowboy, a city girl, a set of teenagers, a horse – romance?

King’s Meadow, Idaho, and the working ranch of Chet Leonard form the setting for Love Without End, Robin Lee Hatcher’s newest book.

The characters are fascinating: the widow, Kimberly Welch, and her daughter, Tara; Chet Leonard and his sons, Sam and Pete; and the person who weaves the story together, Nana Anna McKenna, who knows their history better than any of them.

Kimberly, widowed and impoverished, comes to King’s Meadow to live with her best friend, Janet, who’d graciously offered them a place to live. If not for Janet, Kimberly and Tara might have been forced to live in their car-things are that bad.

Chet Leonard’s wife, Marsha, had divorced him and abandoned their sons soon after the death of their third son in an auto accident. Chet has mostly recovered and keeps Leonard Quarter Horses a going concern while raising his sons.

Anna McKenna, now in her 80s, had come to the ranch as a young girl of 14. Adopted by the Abe and Violet Leonard, Chet’s grandparents, she’d lived at the ranch until love found her, at age 54, in the person of Walter Cunningham. They’d married and moved to Florida. Now after Walter’s death, she’s returned to King’s Meadow after almost 30 years. The Leonards welcome her back to herhome with open arms.

Then Tara is gifted with a half-wild colt. Kimberly is told that the best person in King’s Meadow to gentle the colt and to teach Tara horsemanship and the care of her colt is Chet Leonard.

And so the story begins. I read Love Without End in almost one sitting and fell in love with all of the characters. This is the first book in the King’s Meadow Romance Series and I must admit I want Robin to hurry and finish the next. The characters and the setting have found a place in my heart. You’ll love them, too. Another five-star book for Robin Lee Hatcher!

I was given a copy of Love Without End by Thomas Nelson Publishers for my candid review.

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