Breath-taking, Nail-biting, Can’t Put It Down…

Deb’s Dozen: 12-Word Summaries – Beautiful forensic archeologist, handsome investigative journalist, seductive Greek fisherman, smuggling, deception, faith.

Davis Bunn has written another award-winning book. Patmos Deception by this master spinner of tales held me spellbound from the beginning. He has the ability to tell a captivating story while imparting reams of fascinating information about the subject and the locale of his novel.

Carey Mathers, newly-minted forensic archaeologist, arrives on the Island of Patmos to take up a research position at the prestigious Athens Institute of Antiquities only to find the institute closed and herself stranded. Dragged into the taverna across the street by a Greek woman who used to work at the Institute, Carey finds herself adopted into Eleni’s large and welcoming family.

Nick Hennessey, an investigative journalist in Paris, who just happens to be an old friend of Carey’s from Texas, receives an undercover assignment to locate missing Greek antiquities and find the mastermind behind the burglaries. Hearing from the family grapevine of Carey’s mishap, Nick calls her and hires her to be his research expert. Having no other options, Carey agrees.

During their investigation, their paths cross that of Dmitri Rubinos, fisherman turned tourist boat captain who is struggling to hold onto the family boat and business, who knows the islands intimately, and who loves those islands as his life.

Even though their investigation may prove dangerous, Nick and Carey start tracing the stolen items. Greece is in chaos from the financial breakdown of the government. Corrupt businessmen and politicians impede their progress. Nick, whom Carey has had feelings for for years, starts to feel an attraction but knows any attachment would hinder his career. Dmitri is desperate enough to do almost anything to save his boat and family.

Missing artifacts, smuggling, a large cache of counterfeit money, kidnapping, the Greek navy, intrigue, suspense, love, and faith all interweave to make this tale one of the best Bunn has ever woven. 5-stars, sure to be an award-winner, can’t put it down, breath-taking, nail-biting, outstanding read! Run, don’t walk to your fave bookstore; or click over to your fave e-tailer, but get Patmos Deception!

I was given a copy of Patmos Deception by Bethany House for my candid review.

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