Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Deep!

Deb’s Dozen: Ex-Ranger, lovely expat, war on island, intrigue, suspense, flight, justice.

Meeting Anita K. Greene at the New England Writers’ Conference in October 2014 was happenstance. I was especially convinced of the serendipity of the connection when I discovered this past week (December 2014), after I was halfway through a book that was terribly familiar, that I’d read her novel, Out of the Wilderness, after the novel was first released last year.

Anita gave me copies of both of her novels. I must admit I loved them both equally and devoured them in one sitting each. The second book, Into the Deep, involves another member of the SeaMount Agency. Ex-Army Ranger Jack “Preach” Conroy had ribbed Grayson Kerr unmercifully in Book 1. Into the Deep is Preach’s adventure.

Sent by SeaMount to rescue Lucinda Lavalle and bring her home to her grandmother, Preach has no idea this routine mission has dropped him into the middle of a civil war.

Lucinda, or Lulubelle, as Preach insists on calling her, has no idea what is in store for her. While she is changing out of an outfit on which she’d spilled beer, Preach appears and “kidnaps” her along with her pure white Maltese puppy, Finny. When she resists, Jack tosses her over his shoulder and takes off—right into the middle of the insurrection.

The adventures they have on the way back to Kansas rival and surpass those of Dorothy’s adventures in Oz. You will keep turning the pages into the wee hours in glee and anticipation. I will be waiting for the next book in the SeaMount series. 4+ stars out of 5.

Anita lives in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and spoiled Belgian Malinois. She enjoys reading, gardening, needlework, and making cards – one day she hopes to get all her photos into a scrapbook. I met Anita at the New England Writers’ Conference last October. She gave me a copy of Into the Deep for my candid review. The novel is published by Cedar Lake Studio and is the second book in the SeaMount Series

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