Ian and Jackie run for their lives–No Place to Hide!

Deb’s Dozen: Ian’s no terrorist! Jackie’s out to exonerate him. No Place to Hide!

She’s in! Very quietly she slips inside the door whose lock she just picked. Was that a noise? There coming toward her! Crash—fight back—hit again—what a punch! Ian? Jackie? So starts Lynette Eason’s latest, No Place to Hide, another jam-packed, suspense-filled, action-thriller. And once again I couldn’t put the book down until I’d finished reading.

Jackie Sellers has seen a story about her best friend from childhood on the national news—but there’s no way Ian Lockwood could possibly be a bioterrorist. Jackie determines to find Ian and help him clear his name. She runs into him, literally, after breaking into his house. Then they’re off and running—from the bad guys who want him dead and from the FBI who want him captured. Ian just wants to stop a disaster and clear his name.

No Place to Hide is the third novel in Eason’s Hidden Identity series. I hope she has more coming as I love this series and Operation Refuge, the agency that helps those who cannot help themselves, which serves as the thread to tie the novels together. The first two books, No One to Trust and Nowhere to Turn, are equally wonderful (Check my reviews of both to learn more). You’ll want to get the entire series—if I start a book in the morning and read constantly until I’ve finished the story—I know the author has a winner. Five Stars!

Lynette Eason has two additional series, Women of Justice and Deadly Reunions. She’s a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America. She lives in South Carolina and is great fun to interview. Find out more about Lynette at Lynette Eason. Follow her on FaceBook at Lynette Barker Eason or on Twitter @LynetteEason.

Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, gave me a copy of No Place to Hide in exchange for my candid review.

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