How to Catch a Prince? Love Him Well, Serve Others, Love God

Deb’s Dozen: How to Catch a Prince? Love Him Well, Serve Others. Love God

Another fairy tale romance from Rachel Hauck in her Royal Wedding Series, How to Catch a Prince-Book 3 is equally charming as the first two. I loved Princess Ever After-Book 2 (see review) and also Once Upon a Prince-Book 1. Her mythical kingdoms of Hessenberg and Brighton are enchanting, the descriptions take you there in your imagination.

Corina del Rey found love and romance and secretly married her prince–only to be rejected by him once he comes back from war–he tells her they’re not really married, the paperwork was never filed with the court. That same war also cost the life of her twin brother, Carlos. The del Reys are still in mourning–five and a half years later.

Corina, attempting to pull her life together, is working for an online gossip magazine owned by her friend, Gigi, but finds out she got the job only because her mother asked Gigi to hire her.

Then, to make matters worse, Prince Stephen comes to her in Melbourne, FL. He tells her they’re still married, but he wants an annulment. She agrees, after much conversation, only if he’ll tell her what really happened to her brother.

Corina doesn’t want an annulment–she’s still in love with her prince. Praying about the situation, she gets the cryptic message, “Love well.” How Corina learns the meaning of that phrase, her travel to Brighton Kingdom for a movie premier, and her relationship with Stephen is the stuff of wonderful fairy tales. You’ll love her journey! Four Stars.

Rachel Hauck writes the books she loves to read. All from her two story tower. She’s hit a few best seller lists and won an award or two. She is a RITA Finalist, Christy Award Finalist, and a Carol Award Winner. Hauck also penned the critically acclaimed Songbird Novels with multi-platinum country artist, Sara Evans

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