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Deb’s Dozen: One child plus one random call. Two lonely people. Add God=Happiness

I was delighted to read Travis W. Inman’s When Love Called. The writing is simple and lovely. The characters are flawed, but very human. The story is one of love and redemption. Our God is great and can do wonderful things when we trust Him.

Caton Harvey is mourning the loss of his wife, Mary. Mary had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and thought she’d be unable to conceive, but God granted them a child. When she was carrying their daughter, Mariah, Mary was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. By the time Mariah was born, Mary could not be saved despite aggressive chemotherapy. To assuage his grief, Caton sets out to build Mary’s dream house in the mountains of northern New Mexico.

Lily DeMar is a violinist with the Boston Orchestra. After her marriage ended in divorce, she is determined to remain single and chaste until she finds true love. One day, while Lily is on tour in Chicago, her phone rings—“Mommy?” she hears a sweet little voice say. Mariah has dialed her number while playing with the telephone. Caton notices that the phone is in use and picks up the line only to hear Mariah singing “Jesus Loves Me.”

After apologizing for the interruption, Caton and Lily end up talking for over an hour—sharing things about their lives they’d not told others. Although this seems to be a God-ordained call, Caton still loves Mary and feels guilty for having talked with Lily.

Enter Mariah. While Lily is in San Francisco, she gets another call—“Mommy?” The odds of Mariah dialing that number again were astronomical, but Lily and Caton find again that talking with each other is the most natural thing in the world.

You’ll love Lily and Caton’s story—you’ll also love Mariah and Mrs. Davis. The setting is beautiful, the romance has some bumps in the road—literally—but you’ll want to join them on their journey. If you like happy endings and a nice, clean romance, you’ll want to get this one. Four stars.

Travis W. Inman and his wife, Sarah, live in northern Idaho with their two children whom they homeschool. When Love Called is Travis’ first novel, although he has been published in a number of magazines and websites.

To purchase this book, click the link: When Love Called (The Glenfield Series Book 1)

My new Facebook friend, Travis Inman, gave me a copy of When Love Called in exchange for my candid review.

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