Bjorn Horsa on a Quest for Galthain’s Bones-Krystine Kercher

Deb’s Dozen: Teen lad on a quest—danger—betrayal—a little bit of magic?

Bjorn Horsa, thirteen-year-old-fourth son of the leader of the Horsas is sent on a quest to recover an ancestor’s bones from a hidden grave in the forbidding destroyed city of Deathwater. Bjorn is sent with his cousins, Vaalon and Trehan, as well as some older knights on the quest. One of the conditions is that they take the ancient seer from the oasis at the edge of the desert, Ser Anafi, with them.

Off they go—adventure for the boys—serious quest for their elders. On the way they encounter desert and storms and vipers (did you have to put snakes in there, Krystine?) and bandits and treachery.

Do they succeed? Is the ancient, decayed city a trap? What is Jirin? Who is Jirin? Will God protect them?

Young readers and their parents will enjoy this story of adventure. Krystine has painted a world that is very realistic as are her characters and their foibles. The trials they face are dangerous and exciting. You’ll enjoy reading about Bjorn and how he matures during the quest.

Krystine Kercher “writes young adult fantasy from a Christian perspective while sharing her love of adventure with her readers.”
Galthain’s Bones leads to other adventures for Bjorn: A Shadow on the Land, King’s Ride, and Elathan’s Heir. You’ll enjoy the ride. Four stars!

To purchase this book, click this link: Galthain’s Bones (Exile Book 1)

Krystine Kercher sent me a copy of Galthain’s Bones in exchange for my candid review.

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