A Destination Wedding – A Lasting Love?

Deb’s Dozen: Vanessa and Ted are getting married—a destination wedding—a lasting love?

Vanessa and Ted are getting married. Vanessa is dreaming of their perfect wedding in Denver. Ted has other ideas. He’s an ER doc and there’s a medical conference going on in Florida—they’ll have a destination wedding! They can get married, then he can go to the conference and catch up on some CEUs. He’s always so practical—but Vanessa yearns for romance. Ted convinces her to go to Destin to do some advance planning and Vanessa reluctantly agrees.

She’s so hesitant because Destin is where she met her first love, Logan. Besides sharing the same last name, Hollister, they’d shared their dreams and their lives. Now eight years divorced, Vanessa doesn’t want to run into Logan again. However, Ted is not to be denied. So Vanessa’s off to FL—after a detour to Montana to see her dad who’s had a heart attack.

In Florida, she hooks up with her friend, Mindy, who is delighted to hear from her again. The night before her lunch with Mindy, she walks the beach trying to erase the long ago memories from her mind. Suddenly she sees a group of people pointing out to sea—there she sees an arm raised in distress and realizes the person is drowning. Jumping into the water, she swims toward to boy, only to have him fight her rescue attempt. Another man sees the struggle and swims out to help too. As the two of them bring the boy to shore, Vanessa realizes the stranger is none other than her ex-husband, Logan. Uh, oh!

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a wonderful story. I enjoyed this tale of romance and unrequited love. I enjoyed getting to know and understand Vanessa and Ted and Logan and Mindy. I enjoyed learning a bit more about storm chasing and hurricanes and paramedics and rescues. Lots of twists and turns and adventure and love. You’ll enjoy the story too. Four stars. Crazy Little Thing Called Love: A Destination Wedding Novel.

I love Beth’s bio from the back of the book—I can tell we’d be friends if we met. “Beth K. Vogt is a nonfiction author who said she’d never write fiction. After saying she’d never marry a doctor or anyone in the military, she is happily married to a former Air Force family physician. Beth believes God’s best is often behind the door marked ‘Never.’ An established magazine writer and editor, Beth’s debut novel, Wish You Were Here, was released in May 2022. She writes inspirational contemporary romance because she believes there is more to happily ever after than the fairy talks tell us.” Get to know Beth better at www.bethvogt.com

Howard Books via the Litfuse Publicity Group gave me a copy of Crazy Little Thing Called Love in exchange for my candid review.

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