Ambition or Power? Right or Expedient? Choices!

Deb’s Dozen: Ambition, a strong work ethic, and a sense of right versus expediency.

A Perfect Ambition by Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit shows the conflict between those who are born to wealth and power and who choose to use both wisely and those who seek more wealth and power to the exclusion of everything else.

William Jennings Worthington VI is the eldest son born to a family used to both wealth and power. Will feels the constant pressure from his father to do more and rise farther than he already is. He heads Worthington Shares Equity, but William Worthington the Fifth is urging him to seize the chairmanship of American Frontier Oil Company, the largest in the world.

Sean Worthington, the youngest son and definitely in Will’s shadow, is tasking with finding and running new ventures. He’s also an environmental activist of sorts with an international network of friends and contacts. Will’s sister, Sarah, is a deputy assistant attorney general for the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division. Soon, all three will be embroiled in an international crisis that will challenge who they are and who they will become.

Will is on his way to the American Frontier board meeting—intent on ousting the current chair. Seth is on a research ship in the Arctic Ocean studying the effects of global warming by monitoring ice melt and other environmental issues. While on the ship, Seth can observe AF’s oil rig anchored nearby. While he and two of the scientists are watching, they hear a muffled boom coming from the derrick. To their horror, Beluga whales covered with oil surface as does the oil slick.

The derrick is in one of the most inhospitable areas of the Arctic. They know immediately AF will not contain nor repair this spill quickly. Meanwhile, in New York, the CEO of AF, Eric Sandstrom, abruptly leaves the meeting after being summoned to meet immediately with the President of the US, Spencer Rich. As word of the spill spreads, Sarah’s department gets involved as her boss wants her to handle a criminal negligence suit against American Frontier.

The story is interesting as the contrasts between wealth and power for good and wealth and power for evil are played out. The character development of the siblings is effective and the villains, Eric Sandstrom, along with his crony, Frank Stapleton, are also realistic. President Rich is, unfortunately, a typical politician—always on the side of what will do him the most good—regardless of the truth.

Very relevant to today’s issues, and timely because of the political season we are in, I found A Perfect Ambition (The Worthington Destiny Book #1): A Novel an interesting and provocative read. Four stars. Look for A Powerful Secret, the second book in The Worthington Destiny Series, later in 2016.

dr-kevin-lemanA Perfect AmbitionDr. Kevin Leman is the author of more than fifty books and a frequent guest on such shows as Fox & Friends, The 700 Club, CNN, and Good Morning America. His co-author, Jeff Nesbit, is a former senior communications official at the White House and the author of twenty novels.

Revell Books gave me a copy of A Perfect Ambition in exchange for my unbiased review.

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