Always Watching – Romantic Suspense at Its Finest

Deb’s Dozen: Celebrity Radio Host, a Stalker, Elite Female Bodyguard: Romantic Suspense at its Finest!

Have you ever experienced the eerie feeling that someone’s watching you? Always watching? That cold chill making the hair on your neck stand up? The sense of something … evil? How would you feel if you found out what you thought you were imagining was real?

In her new series, Elite Guardians, Lynette Eason has started with a thriller—one that will keep you on the edge of your chair as you race through the pages both terrified and intrigued. Always Watching pits Elite Guardian Olivia Edwards against the person who has been stalking celebrity radio host and psychiatrist, Wade Savage.

Olivia is drawn into the case when Wade’s assigned (unbeknownst to him) bodyguard, Maddy, is attacked and drugged while on watch outside the radio station where Wade is broadcasting his show. Wade leaves the station for his car but has the sense that someone is there … in the shadows … watching. He heads for his car anyway, but feels a sharp stab in his back, reaches around to find a dart, and slumps to the ground … darkness overtaking him.

All had been fairly innocent up to now—some gifts, ever more expensive and personal—but events have taken a chilling shift. Thank heavens, Maddy is alive, although in a coma, and Wade is just drugged. However, when Olivia and Wade’s dad, Bruce, bring him home, there is an even more personal and macabre gift waiting on the front porch.

Olivia and her team, along with Detectives Quinn Holcombe and Bree Standish, race against time to find the stalker before their actions accelerate even further.

Always Watching (Elite Guardians Book #1): A Novel hooked me from the beginning—with a shock I could almost feel. The characters of Wade and Olivia become very real and very endearing very quickly. I could almost feel the spark between them when they first met, but they both carry so much hurt and so many scars you despair of them getting together. Wade’s daughter, Amy, almost thirteen, is also a very real and lovable character. The action is fast-paced and, just when you think you’ve got the answer, Eason throws in a twist that has you guessing again. You’ll never guess the outcome—trust me on that one! Five stars plus!

Lynette EasonLynette Eason is a bestselling author with a gentle persona who you would never believe writes thrillers. She’s written the Women of Justice, the Deadly Reunions, and the Hidden Identity series previously. Lynette is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America. She lives in South Carolina.

I purchased the e-book of Always Watching and Revell gave me the paperback in exchange for my unbiased review.

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