Once Upon a Summertime–Delightful Romance!

Deb’s Dozen: Small Town Girl Transplanted to New York–RomanceOnce Upon a Summertime

Anna Gordon is stuck. Stuck in her small town. Stuck in a dead-end job as manager of the Value Lodge. Going nowhere. Getting depressed. She loves her grandmother, which is why she’s here, but she hates her job. She’s not at all what she thought she’d be when she graduated with a master’s in hospitality. And there’s no opportunity at all for romance.

Walking to work one day, she passes Lou’s Café and is surprised when her long-time friend, Marley pops out the door. That chance meeting starts a chain of events that ends up with Anna in New York interviewing for the manager’s position at a new boutique hotel, the Rothsberg. But before she has a chance to even think much about the potential opportunity, she is fired from her job at the Value Lodge—nepotism has won once again.

Dressed professionally in her best suit, Anna heads off to the interview. During the interview with Mr. Vincent, Anna tries her best, but knows she has no chance at the job since she has no recommendations. Anna flees to the ladies’ room to cry—now she has nothing. Finally, coming out of the stall where she’s been hiding, she freshens up and notices the sink area a mess. Not able to abide the disorder, she wipes off the counter and the sink and polishes the area spic and span. When caught at the task by another woman, she’s asked if she works at the hotel. The entire episode comes out and Anna is hired by the woman, who turns out to be Mrs. Vincent, as the housekeeping manager—not what she wanted, but a job.

As they are touring the hotel, Mr. Vincent and another man encounter them. He is introduced as the new hotel manager, the position Anna had wanted. Then she discovers the man is none other than Sean O’Neil, someone she’d grown up with in her small town. Not exactly what she was anticipating nor what she wanted—her feelings are mixed—somewhat jealous and somewhat piqued and somewhat intrigued.

That evening, eating in a small sidewalk restaurant, Sean happens by … they talk and by the end of the evening, Anna knows she could fall for Sean. The chemistry is strong. But romance between employees is verboten—and subject to immediate dismissal.

Once Upon a Summertime: A New York City Romance (Follow Your Heart) is a sweet summer romance. The end is foreseen from the beginning, but in no way lessens the charm of the story. You will enjoy reading about Anna’s adventures and her budding romance with Sean. Three stars.

melodycarlsonMelody Carlson has written over two hundred books with sales of more than six and a half million. She has won many awards including a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market. She and her husband live in central Oregon. Learn more about Melody and her other books at www.melodycarlson.com.

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