Rooms–Ever-changing, ever-challenging!

Deb’s Dozen: His house. Designed for him. Unexpected and disturbing. Rooms changing overnight—why?

Rooms is a strange and wonderful book—disturbing and intriguing at the same time. Micah Taylor has been given a house back in Cannon Beach, a place that holds memories he still has nightmares about. His estranged Uncle Archie had the house built especially for Micah—why he has no idea. Still, Micah is curious enough to go investigate despite his father’s advice to the contrary.

Driving from Seattle to the beach, Micah doubts his decision and dawdles along the way until he slowly drives up a long driveway and sees … the house. The house is spectacular—right on the beach. The architecture is superb and when Micah enters the house, he feels at home. As he walks from place to place within his house, he feels more and more at ease—the letter from Archie was right; the house could have been designed with Micah in mind.

While exploring the town to see what has changed, Micah meets Rick, an auto mechanic with whom he has instant camaraderie. He feels Rick could become a great friend. Stopping into the town’s ice cream parlor, he meets Sarah, but his instant feelings are not those of camaraderie, but that she could be the one.

At home again, Micah continues to explore and … wait, that room wasn’t there before! How could he have missed a room? What will he find? Are there more yet undiscovered rooms? What keeps him here and keeps him coming back to Cannon Beach from his company in Seattle? Micah will find he has decisions to make … which will he choose? The house that fits him like a glove, or the hustle-bustle and fame of his software company in Seattle.

I loved Rooms. I loved the writing. I loved the descriptions. I fell in love with the characters. In many ways, I felt I was reliving my life and some of the decisions I have made along the way. James Rubart has the ability to make the reader a part of the story—silent observers, sometimes encouraging, sometimes saying, “Don’t open that door!” You will enjoy the journey Micah makes. I was late to discover James Rubart. You will love and be challenged by his books. Both my husband and I rate Rooms: A Novel Five Stars!

James RubartJames Rubart is the author of seven novels, which have won the Christy, the INSPY, and the Romantic Times Book Reviews awards. He is also a professional speaker and consultant helping others perfect the business of speaking and writing and publishing. He and his wife live just outside Seattle, Washington. Find out more at


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