Trust Me? Yes. Maybe. With My life? My heart?

Deb’s Dozen: Trust me with your life? Sure! Trust me with your heart? Maybe.

What an exciting book! A Matter of Trust by Susan May Warren intrigued me from the very beginning! First, I love rescue team adventures because they are so varied. And this is a rescue team in the mountains—even more exciting. I’m a wannabe skier—I mostly managed to ski down hills sitting on my skis, and once, most embarrassedly, had to walk out from an extremely high, extremely icy slope. So, Susan had me hooked.

Gage Watson was once a champion backcountry snowboarder, but after an accident that left someone following his line dead, he’s abandoned that life and is now on the PEAK rescue team. Not only did he leave behind his dream, but he left behind the woman he was falling in love with, Ella Blair.

On the job, he runs across two young daredevil boarders who are attempting to go into an off-limits territory. He catches them and takes away their passes to the mountain. When he apprehends them in a local bar, one of them recognizes him and relates he’s going to follow Gage’s line down the mountain that ended Gage’s career. Trying to find and stop Oliver, Gage and Ty Remington go to his condo—where Gage comes face to face with his almost love, Ella.

You will thrill to the love story, but even more, you’ll thrill to the rescue scenes when Ella and Gage head down that same mountain to rescue Oliver and his friend, Bradley.

Gage and Ella became real to me, as did the rest of the team, especially Brette, Ella’s best friend, and Ty. The entire team has stories to tell and we learn fragments of each of them. Warren has done a fantastic job of telling Gage’s and Ella’s story—I can hardly wait to hear the stories of the rest of the team. A resounding five stars!

A Matter of TrustSusan May Warren is a bestselling, much-awarded author of several series. She is a USA Today bestselling author and has won the HOLT, RITA, and numerous Christy Awards. She writes historical, contemporary, mystery-suspense, and comedy—all laced with a healthy dose of romance. Find her at

Revell Books gave me a copy of A Matter of Trust, but I was in no way obligated to write a good review.

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