Present or Future or Past–All Are One Through Fault Lines

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Deb’s Dozen: The future is the present and becomes the past through Fault Lines

Fault Lines by Thomas Locke is one of the most frustrating yet brilliant series and books I’ve read. I’m a Thomas Locke fan and read everything he writes as the books are released.

So, you can imagine my surprise as I began reading Fault Lines to remember what was going to happen. Déjà vu was in full force. But then, that’s what Fault Lines is all about—seeing the future, watching the future come into the present, and then experiencing the present become the past.

Charlie Hazard, the hero from Trial Run and Flash Point is in action again in Fault Lines. We see our other favorite characters too—Gabriella, the beautiful Italian scientist; Julio, the sassy teen who becomes a man under Charlie’s tutelage; Irma, the retired homicide detective; and the elusive Benny.

Our favorite villains are here as well—Reese Clawson, the immoral blonde bad gal, is back in action trying to take Charlie and Gabriella and their work down.

If you’re a fan of this series, you must read this book—you’ll wonder as I did where in time you are. Five stars, Thomas. A series in reverse—what a strategy!

Flash PointThomas Locke is a pseudonym for Davis Bunn, allowing Davis to write books that transcend the usual genres he’s known for. Fault Lines is a futuristic series, Legend of the Realms is a fantasy series. Thomas/Davis teaches at writer’s conferences, has won awards too numerous to mention, and resides six months in Florida and six months in Oxford, England, where he serves as Writer in Residence. He’s a lifelong fan of speculative fiction—Fault Lines proves his fascination with the genre.

Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing, gave me a copy of Fault Lines, but I was in no way obligated to write a review, favorable or otherwise.

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