The Christmas Blessing: Love and Acceptance

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Deb’s Dozen: Unmarried woman, young baby, fiancé dead, no money, nowhere else to go.

Melody Carlson has written a poignant story, The Christmas Blessing, about a young woman during World War II. While living in San Diego, Amelia had met and fallen in love with a young pilot. A wartime romance, short and sweet. They’d acquired their marriage license and planned to be married the next day. But James got orders to report for active duty that night. He left for war and left her pregnant.

Not wanting the stigma of being an unwed mother, Amelia quit her job as a beautician and moved across town to another salon. But she knew she needed more for her baby, Jimmy, named after his dad. Eventually, she found out James’s plane had gone down and he was lost. Practically destitute, unwilling to lean on the support of her roommate any longer, she headed out by train to the small town of Rockford where James’s parents lived. Amelia hoped they would accept her and her son.

While on the train, Amelia’s wallet was stolen with the remainder of her savings and what money she’d received from selling her engagement ring and buying a plain gold band. What was she going to do now? She didn’t want to just present herself and her son on her in-law’s doorstep, but her money was almost gone and her son was ill.

A sweet, sweet story. Formulaic to be sure, but worth the read. Amelia is a lovable woman and her father-in-law, Doctor Bradley, a prince of a man. Her mother-in-law? Well … Melody has written a Christmas novella that should stand the test of time. Three stars.

ChristmasMelody Carlson is a much-published author with over two hundred books and six million copies sold. Several of her books are Christmas stories. She and her husband live in central Oregon.

Revell Books gave me a copy of The Christmas Blessing, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.

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