Time-travel, love, and second chances …

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Deb’s Dozen: Life regained. What will he do with the new breath granted him?

In Firefly Cove, the second book of the Miramar Bay series, Davis Bunn has written a time-travel book of a different sort. Reminiscent of Somewhere in Time, the Jane Seymour-Christopher Reeve movie based itself on a novel, Time After Time, Firefly Cove also involves lost loves.

Lucias Quarterfield has been ill practically his whole life. Because of his illness, he’s become a loner-afraid of friendship because doctors tell him he might die at any time. Surprisingly, he matures and eventually turns a car dealership into a chain. The only relationship he’s formed is with Jessica Waverly during a time in Miramar Bay. Now told he is finally dying, he heads to Miramar Bay to find Jessica, which he does, only to end up dying in her arms.

Forty-nine years later, Luke Benoit finally succeeds in committing suicide-or did he? While being wheeled to the morgue, Luke wakes up. However, he has no memory of Luke nor of Luke’s life. Psychologist Asha Meisel and her supervisor, Dino Barbieri are puzzled. Luke is not reacting normally to this near-death experience.

Bunn, as always, has created wonderful characters. I loved Asha and her hidden crush on Dino. Their interaction forms much of the substance of the book. Strong woman and bull-headed man-boy, can I relate to that! Luke has a voyage of discovery to make as well. And time? Well, time can heal wounds … and cause new ones. You’ll love this fascinating book with the interesting interaction among the characters as they unravel the puzzle of Luke, love, and second chances. Available December 26, 2017. Preorder! Four stars!

Time TravelDavis Bunn is a prolific author with dozens of awards including a Lifetime Achievement award from the Christys and over seven million books in print. He and his wife, Isabella, live part time at Oxford University in England, where he is Author in Residence and part time on the Florida east coast. As Thomas Locke, he writes fantasy, speculative, and young adult fiction.

Kensington Books gave me a copy of Firefly Cove, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.

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