Speculative Fiction: The Recruits & Renegades Rock

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Deb’s Dozen: Sean and Dillon use their adept powers to save the world-again!

Renegades is the second book in Thomas Locke’s Recruits series. I posted about Recruits, the first book, “Beautifully fashioned and written new world … a beyond many will wish is reality. Thomas Locke has outdone himself with The Recruits series. Five Stars.” I loved watching twins Sean and Dillon become aware of and use their new powers–enjoyed watching them fall in love with Carey and Elenya. You will certainly enjoy the first book if you love speculative fiction and great characters.

Almost the first thing we learn in Renegades is that Sean and Dillon have split from Elenya and Carey–what we felt was soul-bonding in Recruits was just another romance. Supposedly, Elenya would want to be the controller in her marriage and Carey loved who Dillon was, not who he was becoming–an adept Warrior.

Okay, the girls are gone–on with the new assignments. Seth and Dillon are summoned back to Earth because the son of a senator has been kidnapped and their powers are needed to find him before he’s delivered back in pieces. Successful, they transit home only to be arrested and imprisoned for those actions. The story becomes convoluted at this point with new villains and new heroes being introduced. And then there are dragons! And a new love interest for Sean.

I liked Recruits better than Renegades, perhaps because the concepts were being introduced for the first time as well as the characters. I found only the character of Logan as well-developed as the twins. However, the book is a good read–I’m anticipating the next in the series. A great addition to the realm of speculative fiction. Four Stars.

Speculative FictionThomas Locke is the pseudonym for Davis Bunn, a prolific writer who has won just about every award there is as well as the Christy Lifetime Achievement Award. He lives in Oxford, England, half the year where he is Writer in Residence, and half the time on the east coast of Florida. He’s always loved speculative fiction and has several new series in that realm.He’s also a great guy with a heart for teaching and helping new authors. You’ll love his books.

Revell gave me a copy of Renegades, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.

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