True Love Enters Troubled Waters

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Deb’s Dozen: Neither fire nor waves nor hurricanes nor mistakes can forestall true love.

Wow! This episode of the Montana Rescue series has everything: fire, rogue waves, a hurricane, being lost in that fire, being lost in those waves. And lost loves, wannabe loves, existing loves, newfound loves. Susan May Warren has written something for everyone in Troubled Waters. All that to say that you need to have read the other books in the series to understand what’s going on in this one and to keep track of the characters.

Troubled Waters is Ian and Sierra’s story, but Pete and Jess, Sam and Willow, Chet and Sam’s mom, Vanessa and Hayes all have their moments too. Ian is a multi-billionaire who started PEAK rescue services and then gave it to the town. One of his oil wells has blown a gasket and started a fire ravaging the area. Some of his software caused the blown gasket and he has been fined millions of dollars and feels the guilt to tray and rebuild and repay what has been lost. Ian’s former assistant, Sierra, who he fired twice and who left him finally, works for PEAK on dispatch and as the admin. Sierra bakes cookies when she’s nervous and upset. Six dozen cookies later, Jess has been rescued from the fire by Pete who conveniently has just come back to town. Everyone has secrets, some of which are uncovered in this story.

Abrupt segue to Galveston and the Caribbean. Sierra has talked Ian into letting her use his yacht to host a fundraiser to buy a new helicopter or pay for the repairs on the old one which was damaged in a rescue during the fire where Jess got lost. So off on a cruise go Sierra and Ian and Dex (Ian’s best friend) and Noelly (Dex’s sister) and Vanessa and Hayes. Sierra hopes to convince the four wealthy friends of Ian’s to donate toward the cause. And then, things start to happen …! You’ll have to read the book to find out the rest. I’ve read the rest of the series and enjoyed getting to know Ian and Sierra better as well as Pete and Jess in Troubled Waters. Three stars instead of four due to needing a scorecard to track the characters.

Troubled Waters, True LoveSusan May Warren is a much-awarded, multi-published author with over a million books in print. She’s won a RITA and multiple Christy and Carol awards, the HOLT and numerous Readers’ Choice Awards. Find her on Facebook at Susan May Warren Fiction, @SusanMayWarren on Twitter, or

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