A Saudi Prince, A Determined Assassin

Deb’s Dozen: A Saudi Prince, A Determined Assassin—Will the FBI Keep Prince Safe?

I love, love, love DiAnn Mills’ writing. High Treason was a surprise. Not that I didn’t love the story, I did—five stars worth. But DiAnn wrote in a different style which totally suited her characters and the story—more formal than I’m used to, and more precise.

Saudi Prince Omar Bin Talal is in Houston to bring his ailing mother to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in hopes she’ll qualify for a clinical trial which might keep her alive longer (and to work on an oil deal). Cord Davidson is an FBI agent assigned to the prince’s protection detail at the prince’s request because they are close friends. En route to his home, the prince decides to stop at one of his favorite places, the Frozen Rock ice cream store. Two of his protectors, Kord and Zain (dressed like the prince) get out of the limos to check the store first—Zain is shot and killed at the front door.

Because of the severity of the crime, and because the prince and Saudi are so important to the US, CIA Agent Monica Alden is brought in on the team over Kord’s strong objections. So far, the story is vintage Mills. But with the entrance of Monica, given the relationships of women and men in Saudi, the style changes. Monica is one of the strongest women characters Mills has written. She is highly intelligent, capable, and empathetic. Kord, needless to say, has his hands full. The story is full of twists and turns and surprises, but written in this new, respectful style. You’ll love Kord and Monica—I’d love to see them in other novels as a team.

You’ll want this latest DiAnn Mills’ novel. You will want to preorder the book here: High Treason, so you’ll be able to read this great suspense story when the book releases in February 2018.

High Treason-AssassinDiAnn Mills is a much-awarded author, who writes action/suspense/romance novels. She’s won two Christy Awards and been on numerous best-seller lists. High Treason is the latest in her FBI Task Force novels. DiAnn lives near Houston where she crafts her highly researched yarns.

Tyndale House Publishers gave me an Advance Reader Copy of High Treason, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.

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