Political Suspense–China vs. US

Deb’s Dozen: Chinese influences to bring down the US extend to the highest levels.

Cheryl Colwell’s book, The Land Lord, brings political suspense to the fore. One premise is that Chinese people are buying US businesses and land to the extent more of the US is controlled by China than Americans. A second premise is that Americans against this takeover are willing to commit treason rather than use our legislative processes to bring about change. In a book where one is constantly in doubt about who are the good guys and who the bad, twist after turn after twist takes place until the unlikely denouement takes place.

And of course, there is a love story. Dain Ryder is one of President Robert Bradley’s trusted few. President Bradley puts Dain on a secret task force to root out the mole and traitors in the government. He sends Dain to meet a beautiful professor of Asian studies, Lien Chan, who, although a US citizen, has a great love for her native land. Along the way, we meet Secret Service agents Krueger and Johnson, Chinese agents Jimmy Wu and Li Kui. The threads of political suspense and involvement at all levels are tangled.

Great story, I’d rate it five stars, except there are some obvious flaws. The book is formatted in double-spaced type which makes it difficult to read. The editing of the book is also flawed. The detractors of the president want him to declare Marshall law—instead of martial law. There are details left out that would have made the story more exciting and less confusing. But even with all of these things, The Land Lord is still a good book worth reading.

The Land LordCheryl Colwell has written several novels. She lives in southern Oregon and her tagline is “Stunning Suspense.” You can learn more about Cheryl and her books on her website. CherylColwell.com.

BookCrash gave me a copy of The Land Lord, but I was in no way obligated to write a favorable review.

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