Everyone Wants Approval–Is it Addicting?

Deb’s Dozen: Please like me! I want your approval. How to overcome approval addiction.

Addiction can take many forms. For some, it’s drugs; for others, video games; for still others, addiction is the need to be liked and approved. Dawn M. Owen’s book, Like Me or Not: Overcoming Approval Addiction, addresses the latter. Owens displays complete vulnerability and honesty in this book of suggestions and methods for overcoming the addiction. I can identify–I still find myself caught up in this trap on occasion.

I love Dawn’s ability to express how she felt and how she overcame those feelings. The chapter headings give us a clue: “Me, Insecure? That Chip on Your Shoulder, One Day at a Time, The Surrender Habit.” Her advice is sound and biblical. In “Me, Insecure?” she relates the story of a girl, Laura, who came across as poised and all together–Dawn tells that she was the opposite of Laura, as insecure as they come. Hey, Dawn! I was Laura–and I was as insecure as they come. The poise and confidence was an act, which tells us we shouldn’t judge others by their appearance.

Dawn shows us how easily we can be caught up in the addiction–when we compare ourselves to others, when we want to belong to a community, when we want success. Throughout the book, Owens shows us how to break those chains–and to build the habit of surrendering every day to God. God is the only One whose approval we need. Our identity in Christ gives us confidence, self-worth, and His approval–we’re kids of the King!

self-helpDawn Owens is the founder and executive director of The Link of Cullman County, a ministry addressing poverty that serves over three thousand people a year in twenty-three locations. She has a radio show “Lunch at the Link” on Praise 97.9 FM. Like Me is her debut book, one I wanted to publish myself. Dawn and her husband and son live in Cullman, Alabama.

Worthy Inspired gave me a copy of Like Me or Not, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.


Everyone Wants Approval–Is it Addicting? — 2 Comments

  1. Since I studied Daniel 3 this morning, I remembered the three Hebrews’choice when faced with the delimna to bow before the king or be thrown into the fire. I wonder what might have happened if they’d chosen affirmation, job success and popularity over obedience to God? The book sounds as if it’s a helpful read for those of us who often seek the opposite of those Hebrew boys.

    • Claudette – that is a great point. That story would have certainly ended up much differently than it did had they succumbed to the pressure of worshipping the king, rather than the King of Kings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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