Will a Serial Killer Lead to Justice Betrayed?

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Deb’s Dozen: Evil personified. A serial killer only one man suspects. Will justice win?

Patricia Bradley’s Justice Betrayed, the third book in her Memphis Cold Case series, is an exciting page turner with lots of surprises. The evil is identified in the prologue and the romantic tension from the first chapter on. Rachel Sloan is approached by Elvis impersonator Vic Vegas just prior to the end of her shift. He insists he has information on a cold case murder that also involves Rachel’s mom, Gabby, who was killed seventeen years before. Rachel’s supervisor in the unit, Lt. Boone Callahan, does not want her involved—he feels she is too close to the case to be effective.

Rachel and Boone are both relatable characters who you care about almost from the beginning. Bradley has the knack for creating realistic, likable people for her novels. Both Rachel and Boone have deep baggage from their past—Rachel from the loss of her mom and estrangement from her dad, Boone from his last tour in Afghanistan where he lost one of his team. Both of them feel the losses were somehow their fault.

Other intriguing characters are Rachel’s friend and coach, Terri, and her sister with special needs, Erin. Erin has an almost photographic memory and can relate things she’s heard in the voice and mannerisms of the person who said them—a very eerie talent. Rachel’s dad, Lucien, seems a formidable character until they finally talk near the end of the book.

The action happens at an even pace with just enough twists and one-way streets to keep you turning pages. I’ve loved Bradley’s books for a while and Justice Betrayed is no exception. Four stars.

Patricia Bradley lives in Mississippi. She is the founder of Aiming for Healthy Families, Inc., and a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers. The other two books in the Memphis Cold Case series are Justice Delayed and Justice Buried. You’ll want to get these as well as her Logan Point series. Check her out at PTBradley.com.

Revell Books gave me a copy of Justice Betrayed, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.

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