Thief of Corinth–Unusual Biblical Fiction

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Deb’s Dozen: First-Century Corinth, Young Woman Breaking Barriers, Common Thief or Robin Hood?

Thief of Corinth by Tessa Afshar is biblical fiction like all of her novels. Thief is different in that the bulk of the story precedes any Christian influence. Ariadne, the heroine of the story, runs away from her mother’s home to live with her father in Corinth.

Once there, Ariadne discovers her father is the notorious thief who steals from the corrupt rich and gives to the poor—then flaunts the theft by sending a letter to the victim. She determines to assist him or do the same. During the same period of time, Ariadne discovers her love of running. Her father decides to enter her in the Isthmian Games as a competitor—she is shocked. Women don’t participate in these games.

The bulk of Thief of Corinth is about thievery, her running, her interactions with various factions of society, the disfunction in their family, and her basic discontent. I found Ariadne a difficult character to like. In fact, I had problems finishing the book, although most reviewers think this is one of Afshar’s best. I found the characters unsympathetic and Ariadne spoiled and selfish. I can only give the book three stars.

biblical fictionTessa Afshar is the Christy Award-winning author of Bible-based stories. She holds an MDiv from Yale and has worked in ministry ever since she graduated. Tessa was born in Iran, then moved to England, and finally to the US. She became a Christian in her twenties and that conversion changed her life and has impacted her writing. She is, however, exceptionally fond of chocolate.

Tyndale House Publishers gave me a copy of Thief of Corinth, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.

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