High-Action Adventure, Romantic Suspense

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Deb’s Dozen: Witness Protection Fails—She’s on the Run—Unlikely Candidates to Her Rescue.

High-action romantic suspense is a hallmark of No True Justice. Gemma Saint has been in the Witness Protection Program (WITSEC) since testifying in a high-profile case. One day, she suddenly gets a call from her handler telling her to run—her cover’s been blown. Confused, she starts questioning him, then hears a gunshot—and no other sounds.

Gemma, told a team sent by a corrupt official in the Department of Justice (DOJ) is after her to eliminate her, decides the only way to survive is to completely expose the corruption. She goes to a young journalist she’s heard writes the kinds of stories she needs told, Lex James.

But Lex just got custody of his sister’s four-year-old twins and doesn’t want to expose them to danger. Problem number two—the twins decide they’d like Gemma for their mom. With Gemma and Lex attracted to each other and danger lurking around every bend, determining the best course of action is a priority.

The thrill starts there, and Wegley takes you on such a ride you won’t want to put down the book until the end. I love that his writing is so well researched and his characters so realistic. You’ll love Gemma, admire Lex, and absolutely adore the twins, Caleb and Josh. No True Justice earns Five Stars!

Romantic SuspenseH. L. Wegley has a varied background. He served in the Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst and also as a Weather Officer. As a civilian, he worked as a research scientist, then developed Boeing computing systems before he and his wife retired near Seattle. His tagline is “Always a climate of suspense and a forecast of stormy weather.”

H. L. Wegley gave me a copy of No True Justice, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.


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  1. Glad to see your excellent review of No True Justice. I was privileged to beta-read this novel, and I’m afraid I didn’t do a very good job of it. Harry had me from the first page, and I kept forgetting I was supposed to be actually doing something rather than just enjoying the tale.

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