Fascinating Historical Fiction: Mist O’er The Voyager

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Deb’s Dozen: Young woman escapes unwelcome suitor and journeys with the French voyageurs north.

Mist O’er the Voyageur by Naomi Musch was recommended to me by a close friend whose opinion I value. Although not the type of historical fiction I usually read, the writing held my attention from start to finish. Set in Montreal during the era of the French Voyagers, the book aptly creates the environment, so you feel as if you are there during that time. Having been canoeing in the north woods of Minnesota as a young woman, I can imagine the long days of paddling and difficult portaging described in Mist.

You will enjoy getting to know Brigitte Marchal as the death of her aunt leaves her alone and unprotected. After a suitor abuses her when she refuses his attentions, she decides to disguise herself and sign on as an engagé with the North West company to head North to try to find her long-lost and far-traveled father. Her exploits intrigue as she tries to conceal her sex during the long trip. Excellent read—four stars.

To quote her, “I’m author/writer Naomi Musch. I was born and raised in central Wisconsin and now make my home in Wisconsin’s pristine north woods, where my husband Jeff and I live as epically as God allows near our five young adults and passel of grand-children. Amidst it, I write about imperfect people who are finding hope and faith to overcome their struggles, whether the story venue is rich in American history or along more contemporary lines.”

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