Drug Cartel Murders Entire Town

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Deb’s Dozen: A drug cartel contract on her life, a rescuer out of nowhere.

H. L. Wegley entertains me always with his various series. No Turning Back is the third book in the Witness Protection group.

Beth Sanchez, the lone survivor when the Del Rio drug cartel murders the rest of her family and her entire town, hikes near the Rio Grande with a tour group. Seven years after the massacre, she’s a US citizen and ready to start living again. She turns her ankle, but Drew West, one of the tour members, helps her out. When Beth sees drug runners coming across the river, she panics and tells Drew they must hide immediately! Fate would decree the runners are members of the cartel—Drew draws a weapon and protects her from both a rattlesnake and the snakes in the cartel raft, killing the snake and wounding one of the cartel members.

Obviously, Drew is not just a tourist and resolves to keep Beth safe. Their journey takes them from Texas to Oregon trying to run from Hector Suarez, the cartel leader determined to murder the last witness/ member of his nemesis’s family. Great, wonderful development of the characters of Beth and Drew. I love the way Wegley draws his characters—making them people you’d like to know. No Turning Back is another five-star book.

Romantic SuspenseH. L. Wegley retired from Air Force after serving as intelligence analyst and a weather officer. He also worked as a research scientist and wrote computing systems for Boeing. He lives with his wife near Seattle. Wegley writes award-winning, high-action, romantic-suspense novels, and inspirational thrillers.

The author gifted me with a copy of No Turning Back, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.


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  1. I don’t spend nearly enough time on my love for reading. It takes a back burner to life. This review piqued my interest, and I will check out this book. I found some Christmas reading, so thank you!

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