Special Ops After Goliath’s Sword

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Deb’s Dozen: Special Ops must stop the AFO’s quest to acquire Goliath’s blood-thirsty sword.

Thirst of Steel is the third book in The Tox Files series. Ronie Kendig has elected to combine speculative fiction (things that are imaginary) with her special ops heroes’/heroines’ stories. Not only are there objects from the past that show up today with special powers, but there are characters who move through time and space.

Kendig asks us to suspend logic as we follow Tox and his friends through deep-cover spying, an organization so powerful it can topple governments, and a special ops team able to successfully take down the AFO with just a few people. Also involved are Israelis Ram and Tzivia. The AFO has Tzivia’s father held hostage to force her to do their bidding—which is to recover, on her own, the three pieces of the sword. Of course, she throws in some damage to US citizens to get our government to back Tox and crew.

I’ve enjoyed the development of the special ops characters through the series. Tox, Ram, Tzivia, and Haven have become three-dimensional people over the series. However, I’ve not enjoyed the ever far out situations they find themselves in. I’ve loved Kendig’s series about the military and military dogs, but The Tox Files, with its mythical aspects ranks as my least favorite. Three stars.

Thirst of SteelRonie Kendig is the prolific, bestselling author of over twenty books. She grew up in the military, which allowed her the experience to write her military series. She and husband, Brian, have adopted a military dog, Vvolt N629, and live in the northeast where Ronie continues to stretch her style by writing pure speculative fiction as well.

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