For the Love of Eli…Emma’s Orphans

For the Love of EliI had to keep putting For Love of Eli by Loree Lough down. I just couldn’t keep reading it. I didn’t want it to end and the story to be finished!

Taylor, Eli’s aunt, and Reece, his uncle, vie for Eli’s love and affection. Reece blames Taylor’s brother for Eli’s mother’s death and so he distances himself from her.

Eli, wonderful four-year-old Eli, is a charmer to the nth degree. His insights and comments made me laugh — and cry — and laugh more.

Their story, as it is pieced together like the quilt Taylor is making for Eli, will keep you enthralled to the end.

I felt Loree cut the ending too short – I would have welcomed more detail after the denouement, but I still gave For Love of Eli 5 stars.

Emma’s Orphans, also by Loree Lough, also involves a single woman with a child to care for. Lough has a knack for creating believable characters that cause you to fall in love with them.

Emma's OrphansEmma somehow takes in stray children – hoping to find good Christian homes for them – while dreaming of the day a strong, Christian husband will share her burdens.

Enter Nate O’Neil, a carpenter with a secret, and Hank Campbell, who knew O’Neil from their time together in the Civil war, and who also has a secret. Who will win Emma’s heart? Will Emma be able to keep the children? Who will conquer the past to come to faith and happiness.

You will want to read and savor this heart-warming tale of love and faith and hope!

I was given copies of these books by the author for review purposes.

A Merry Little Christmas; Winter in Bloom

This winter curl up with these two books by prolific author, Anita Higman, and have those chilly days warmed by your reading. Anita is a best-selling and award-winning author with thirty-three books published. She is also a wonderfully warm and witty woman. I so enjoyed meeting Anita at the International Christian Retail show in 2012.

Winter in Full Bloom

Winter in Full Bloom will capture your attention as its heroine, Lily, captures your heart. Lily, divorced from her cheating husband, has a fiery confrontation with the mother who she felt never loved her. Not able to bear the scorn, and learning the shocking fact that her mother had another daughter, Lily travels half-way around the world to Australia to find the sister in hopes of building a relationship. While in Melbourne, she is accosted by a man who just may have the key to her past. Against her better judgment, Lily becomes friendly with him and enlists his help.

Will she find her sister? Will the stranger stay in her life? Will he solve his own problems? Will her mother ever reconcile with her? Read Winter in Full Bloom for the answers – and to be enchanted by the story and the writing.

A Merry Little Christmas
is a “cozy holiday read about two people from different worlds.” I’m so happy that Anita allowed me to review this book. I found myself smiling on every page as I got acquainted with Frannie Martin and Charlie Landau.

A Merry Little ChristmasFrannie Martin prepares to spend her holidays alone – again – on her Oklahoma farm. Then Charlie Landau sweeps in with an offer to buy it from her although all he has is wealth and polish – absolutely no farming experience – and a need to prove himself as worthwhile to his father. With Christmas songs crooning from the radio, Frannie teaches Charlie about country life with all its fun and foibles. Will the holidays that are quickly advancing on them break them apart or give them their dearest Christmas desires?

You’ll want several copies of A Merry Little Christmas – one to keep and several to give as Christmas gifts. You’ll be so pleased you did and so will be the recipients!

I was given copies of these books for review purposes.

Genesis Conspiracy – Richard Hatcher

Genesis Conspiracy

What if evidence existed to prove the true origin of life on earth? What lengths would the antagonists on opposite sides of the evolution/creation theories go to to seize that evidence?

Hatcher pens a plausible premise based on this theory. Jake Evers, a paleontologist who seems and acts more like a secret agent (or is he one?) rescues a woman from a storm and from men shooting at her. He discovers that Katie Petrovich is the granddaughter of a Soviet dissident who went missing decades before.

In true hero fashion, Jake sets out to solve the mystery and get the girl.

I found the initial parts of the story confusing as Hatcher jumps from hero, to ally (perhaps), to enemy, almost every chapter and sometimes within a chapter to get all his characters into play.

Persevere! The story is well worth reading and the ending surprising…could it be true?

The Genesis Conspiracy rates 4 stars with a strong recommendation to read and savor it.

I was given a copy of this book for review purposes.