Unscripted by Davis Bunn

Deb’s Dozen: Put in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Danny finds exoneration.

Davis Bunn has outshone himself with Unscripted. I don’t think I will ever forget Danny and Meagan and Greg and Annie and Jennie and, of all of them, I’ll never forget Emma and the magic they all made together. Buy this book immediately and don’t expect to look up until you finish reading. Fantabulous! Five Stars only because I couldn’t give ten!

Collateral Damage

Deb’s Dozen: An orphanage in Afghanistan, a gruesome US burial ground. Are they connected?

Lynette Eason has another great series. Akin to some of Ronie Kendig’s books, Collateral Damage blends military in the field and ex-military at home into a wonderful mystery of a serial killer or is it? A spate of adoptions? A killer after the heroine? You’ll love every minute. I couldn’t stop reading once I’d started. Five Stars

When Love Blossoms

Deb’s Dozen: Family Descends on B&B, As Does Long-Term-Guest with Daughter, Chaos and Love

When Kierra and her fiancé split, she started a B&B. The same day she booked a long term guest, her mom, sister, and niece showed up to live with her. Ryan, the l.t.g., is in town to repair his relationship with his daughter. Like all family situations, life can be messy and wonderful all at the same time.

A pleasant, happy story you’ll enjoy from beginning to end!

The Kindred Lake series by Elaine Stock will make you happy as you’re reading. Four Stars.