Cozy Romance Firmly Grounded in Coffee

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romance grounded in coffeeDeb’s Dozen: A Cup of Coffee Toast to Cozy Romance Firmly Grounded on Coffee

Carla Laureano’s Supper Club series delights me. Each book in the series reveals more about the three main characters. I am enticed to like them even more than I already did. If you’ve not read the first two novels, The Saturday Night Supper Club and Brunch at Bittersweet Café, stop right now, go buy and read them. If you love cozy romance, they will not disappoint you. You will enjoy The Solids Grounds Coffee Company even more than if you read as a stand-alone book.

About the Book

Analyn (Ana) Sanchez works long hours with distasteful clients in her job as a crisis management associate at a large publicity firm in Denver. She needs to prove to her family her job choices suit her and bring her not only financial returns, but happiness. Unfortunately, at the moment, happiness eludes her. Getting entangled in a cozy romance is not on her dashboard.

Bryan Shaw, professional mountain climber, suffered a disastrous accident while climbing with a former girlfriend in South America. Even hooking up with her at all demonstrated bad judgment. Bryan loses all his sponsorships and must find other means of support. He jumps on the opportunity to buy a coffee company and interns with the former owners to learn how to roast the beans. However, when he returns home, he finds he lacks sufficient skill to run a business.

In the meantime, Ana has refused to work with an obnoxious client. As a result, she loses her job. When they meet, they discover each other could be the solution to their respective problems. And so begins a fascinating adventure into the world of coffee with a side of cozy romance. You’ll love how Ana and Bryan work together. And you’ll love reading about all the things that trip them up on the way. Five Stars—go purchase The Solid Grounds Coffee Company and give yourself a gift!

About Carla

RomanceCarla Laureano won two RITA Awards–one for the Saturday Night Supper Club series. After graduating from Pepperdine University, she worked as a sales and marketing executive for almost ten years before leaving the corporate world behind to write fiction full-time. She, her husband, and two sons currently live in Denver. Learn more about Carla at her website,

Tyndale House gave me a copy of The Solid Grounds Coffee Company but did not obligate me in any way to write a review.

Dance Before the King, Butterfly!

Deb’s Dozen: Jerusha Dances Like a Butterfly for Her Delighted Father, Jacob—Yeshua Approves

A Royal Dance tells the story of Jacob and Abigail, his wife, during the time of Jesus (Yeshua). Jacob dearly loves Abigail, pregnant with their child. The birth occurs, and they are blessed with a daughter they name Jerusha. Her father dotes on her, tells her she came from royalty, flits around as his butterfly, and will one day dance before his King.

Jacob becomes certain Yeshua is the Messiah, causing grief in his household. Abigail seeks solace with Caiaphas, with whom they all had been friends. Jacob and Jerusha bond closely–he loves to watch her dance. Forced to leave, Jacob does so to protect his family, but Jerusha doesn’t understand.

So begins a tale of faith and failure and family and forgiveness. We follow Abigail and Jerusha through the depths of despair and their eventual redemption. At the same time, we see a brilliant picture of life in Jerusalem at the time of Christ, following his crucifixion, and later, Pentecost.

If you’re a fan of biblical fiction, you’ll love A Royal Dance. The story makes the reader aware of the difficulties of living during that era. For a woman who did not want to write, Linda created a wonderful set of stories. I look forward to reading the next two (or perhaps three) books in the series.

A Royal DanceI interviewed Linda at the Munce Christian Product Expo. She told me she told her story through Jerusha’s eyes. She came out of abuse, out of barrenness. A meeting at Shiloh caused her to have a hunger to have people fulfill their destinies. Because of that, she has worked with Warring Dove International in Israel. Ms. Fergerson was born on Mother’s Day and raised in SW Kansas. She studied speech therapy in college and worked as a speech therapist. Once married, she stayed home, but was barren for sixteen years. They have three adopted sons.

Linda published several articles, but didn’t really want to write so stopped. She started writing a first person story which was sent to a publisher, but the publisher died. Linda joined an intercessory writer’s group, but had no idea how to deal with the competition. At the same time, she felt compelled to publish the things God wanted written. Ms. Fergerson felt most people missed the God in writing. She stayed in the group seven years, but the group dissolved, and she felt pulled to write again—she said she fought kicking and screaming through the whole process but would have no ministry until she wrote the book.

Linda now lives in Dodge City, Kansas—the middle of the prairie. To market her books, she starting speaking for groups. One woman told her Jesus became real to her while reading the book. Another said the book made her realize how tough life was back in those days. With that encouragement, she ended up writing three books—A Royal Dance, A Royal Family, and A Royal Father. A fourth book, A Royal Inheritance is in the works.

Separation Does Not Have to Lead to Divorce

Deb’s Dozen: Pray, Don’t Beg, and Don’t Crawl—They May Come Back After All.

Linda Rook writes from experience. Over twenty years ago, she and her husband separated for three years. Now, they’ve been married fifty-one plus years total. Her first book, Broken Heart on Hold—Surviving Separation, told of her pain and of her gaining peace. That her effective techniques are demonstrated by their long-term marriage and that they share a ministry—Marriage 911.

I found Fighting for Your Marriage While Separated insightful and packed with nuggets of great advice. I learned most people in this situation do the wrong things: cry, beg the spouse to come back, blame themselves, etc., and do so in the worst possible ways.

Linda advises staying silent at first, taking time to react to the new situation, figuring out how the relationship dynamics have changed, and exchanging negative communication patterns for positive ones. She tells the reader asking for help demonstrates caring, that you need to protect your children and let them know the separation was in no way their fault, and being willing to let go.

Although I’ve not been in Linda’s situation, I found many of the tips helpful to keep marriages strong. My husband and I, for example, have had to work hard to fine tune our communication styles so we aren’t misunderstood by the other.

fighting for your marriageI had the opportunity to interview Linda at the Munce Christian Product Expo (CPE) last August. Born in Iowa, but her family moved to California where she grew up. Formerly an officer in the Navy, her husband now practices law—they live in Florida. She majored in Creative Writing and San Francisco State University and worked for a time at ABC, then as an English teacher. Her love was writing, but she had to wait for God’s timing to embark on that journey.

Her husband left her after their children grew up and left home. They’d grown apart, had different interests, and basically different lives. They kept issues inside and didn’t resolve them. Bitterness and resentment had intensified between them until he left.

Linda told me she was devastated and did many of the wrong things at first. But she learned the lesson hope is eternal—even if you have to fight for your marriage alone.

I highly recommend Fighting for Your Marriage While Separated to anyone with marriage concerns or problems, or who have separated from their spouses. You will be encouraged in your journey.

The author gifted me with a copy of her book, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.