Fire and Fighting in the Denali–Explosive!

Deb’s Dozen: Fire is everywhere—in the forest—in the relationships—in the armed conflicts.

Light My Fire is the first book in Warren’s Summer of the Burning Sky series. She introduces new characters in a new environment although she refers back to Montana, scene of her last series. Tucker Newman has trained with the Jude County Smokejumpers—a group of firefighters who do not walk in to fire locations but are dropped by parachute into the hotspots. Because his boss’s wife, Kate, went into labor prematurely, Tucker is unexpectedly left in charge even though he doubts his own abilities. Seems he has some baggage from a previous incident and now doesn’t trust his instinct, but only follows the rules.

He should have followed the rules because as soon as his boss leave, he’s embroiled in a bar melee involving a woman, Stevie Mills, who says she can take care of herself. After getting out of the place, he takes Stevie the rest of his dinner—spicy chicken wings—and they talk. A romance is brewing, at least on Tucker’s end.

But they’re off to fight a fire on Denali mountain. And Stevie, a US Marshall, is off to pick up a murderer and transport him to a secure prison. But he’s not there—he somehow was allowed on a work detail hiking up-country to help the firefighters. So, of course, Stevie goes after him.

All the players are in place: a firefighter in charge for the first time who always follows the rules; a feisty female US Marshall willing to break rules to get her man; and a gang of cons, who proceed to engineer an escape—one of which is Stevie’s dad.

Warren has written a gaggle of good characters. You’ll enjoy the adventures and mishaps. I understand the fascination with fighting fires and bringing in the convicts adds spice to an already heated situation. Lots of twists and turns, romance and roguery, gunfights and grit. The series holds promise. I’d rate this one four stars.

FirefightingSusan May Warren is a bestselling, much-awarded author of several series. She is a USA Today bestselling author and has won the HOLT, RITA, and numerous Christy Awards. She writes historical, contemporary, mystery-suspense, and comedy—all laced with a healthy dose of romance. Find her at

Revell Books gave me an Advance Reader Copy of Light My Fire, but I was in no way obligated to write a review.

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